Mar 12, 2024
Siren Test of the Sturgeon Pool Hydroelectric Plant to be Conducted

Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corp. is conducting a siren test for the Sturgeon Pool Hydroelectric plant on Wednesday, March 13th. The siren test will begin at approximately 9:30 a.m. and last one minute. The test will be held in conjunction with Ulster County Emergency Management. The sirens are located in the upper portion of the waterway in the vicinity of the dam, and will be audible to residents nearby and downstream along the Wallkill River and Rondout Creek. In the event of an actual emergency, residents in this area should proceed immediately to higher elevations and away from the river and creek banks.


The Sturgeon Pool plant is one of the original hydroelectric facilities providing electricity to the Mid-Hudson Valley. The facility is continuously monitored, inspected regularly and has been maintained and updated since its construction. The dam is regulated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) was developed under the auspices of the DEC by Central Hudson and local law enforcement and rescue agencies to provide a coordinated response in the unlikely event of an emergency. This siren test is part of an annual drill of the EAP. If an actual emergency were to take place, the sirens will activate and residents downstream from the dam are requested to evacuate and move to higher elevations. Local emergency response personnel will provide additional instructions and assistance.