Jun 20, 2024
Public Service Commission Closes Investigation into Central Hudson Billing System
Independent Monitor Report Confirms Billing Issues Have Been Resolved

Today the New York State Public Service Commission issued an order that concluded the investigation concerning Central Hudson’s billing system implementation. As part of that order, Central Hudson will pay, or otherwise not recover from customers, a total amount of $62.59 million.  

In addition, the Public Service Commission released the Final Report issued by the Independent Monitor, PA Consulting, which finds that the billing system is stable and that critical issues have been resolved.

In response to today’s session, Central Hudson issued the following statement:

Central Hudson has worked tirelessly to strengthen transparency and to rectify the billing issues our customers experienced due to the implementation of a new billing system. We’ve hired over 100 new professionals to better assist customers, hosted dozens of community meetings to address concerns directly, ensured affected customers were fully compensated, and rolled out monthly meter readings to largely eliminate bill estimates. As the billing system’s performance has improved and as we have grown our team of customer service professionals, customer service metrics have improved considerably. 

Today’s release of the independent third-party monitor report confirms our efforts have been successful, with the report stating Central Hudson has "resolved critical billing issues" and that the billing system "has reached a stable current state."

The independent monitor provided a series of recommendations, which we committed to implementing, to ensure Central Hudson’s readiness for future system integrations and any unforeseen challenges.

Central Hudson appreciates the ongoing commitment of all our employees, both union and non-union. We will deliver the level of performance and service our customers expect and deserve.