Apr 2, 2024
Board of Directors Announces Stephanie Raymond as President of Central Hudson
Current President and CEO Christopher Capone Retiring Effective Fall 2024

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – The Board of Directors of Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation announced today the appointment of Stephanie Raymond as President of Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation, effective Monday, April 8, 2024. Raymond will serve as President until Christopher Capone’s retirement in October, at which time she will assume full responsibilities as President and CEO.

“We are excited to welcome Stephanie Raymond to Central Hudson,” said Margarita Dilley, Chair of the Board of Central Hudson. “Stephanie brings extensive utility experience across a wide range of areas, including operations and engineering, project management, customer service, strategy, regulatory, and finance. She is forward-focused, sparks innovative thinking, and brings a fresh perspective to Central Hudson’s strong executive team.”

Under Raymond’s leadership, PPL Electric Utilities Corporation (PPL) consistently achieved top-quartile and best-in-class results across critical areas, including customer satisfaction, safety, reliability, and operational excellence. Among her achievements were a 28% improvement in grid reliability and a significant 22% enhancement in customer satisfaction scores.

“The Board thanks Chris for his nearly two and a half decades of service to Central Hudson and its customers, and is grateful for his leadership and dedication,” said Dilley. “In early 2023, Chris agreed to delay his planned retirement to assume the role of CEO, with a key focus on further stabilizing the company’s customer billing system. Under his leadership, the company strengthened its commitment to customer service and outreach to important community stakeholders. We know there is more work ahead, but Chris’ commitment to upholding Central Hudson values and culture highlight his legacy to the organization.”

“On a personal note,” Dilley added, “Chris has been an exceptional CEO and a pleasure to work with.”

Raymond and Capone will work closely together during a transition period to ensure a smooth transfer of responsibilities.

“I am deeply committed to advancing Central Hudson's strategic initiatives, with a particular emphasis on fortifying our commitments to our customers. I am eager to cultivate meaningful partnerships with our dedicated employees, valued customers, regulatory bodies, elected officials and local communities in the coming months,” stated Raymond. “Central Hudson is a strong gas and electric utility, with a long history of unwavering dedication to providing safe and reliable service to customers. I’m proud to build on these strengths alongside the company’s strong leadership team.”

“I fully support Stephanie as our new President and future President and CEO,” said Capone. “While I will truly miss our employees, I look forward to a new stage of my life with family and friends. I wish Stephanie and my colleagues all the best as they continue operating this critical institution in the Hudson River Valley. It has been my privilege to work with them for more than two decades, and I can say without hesitation that their dedication is truly outstanding and inspiring.”

Biography – Stephanie Raymond

Most recently, Stephanie Raymond served as the President of PPL Electric Utilities Corporation (PPL). In this role, she held operational oversight of the electric delivery company, serving 1.4 million customers across 29 counties in eastern and central Pennsylvania.

During her tenure at PPL, Stephanie managed various responsibilities, from strategic planning and operations to customer service, regulatory compliance, financial management, and business services. Under her leadership, PPL consistently achieved top-quartile and best-in-class results across various critical areas, including customer satisfaction, safety, reliability, and operational excellence. She successfully drove a 28% improvement in grid reliability and a 22% enhancement in customer satisfaction. This success was achieved while effectively managing costs and improving operational efficiency by over 50% during a 10-year period. She demonstrates a strong focus on safety, quality, and performance.

Before her tenure at PPL, Stephanie spent a decade in the telecommunications industry in progressively responsible senior leadership positions. During this time, she successfully led several organizations through periods of significant growth and large-scale business transformation. Stephanie earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration-finance/strategic management from California State University in Sacramento and completed the Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education Program.

Stephanie Raymond