Jul 29, 2020
Sono-Tek Awarded Central Hudson Economic Development Grant

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. has awarded Sono-Tek, a high-tech manufacturer located in the Mid-Hudson Valley, a $100,000 economic development grant under its Wired Innovations program.  During challenging economic times, Sono-Tek has expanded their Milton (Ulster County) facility and invested in high-technology platforms that have helped create and retain 78 local high-tech jobs.

“Sono-Tek is pleased to receive the Central Hudson Development Grant in combination with a New York Empire State Development grant, allowing us to implement expansion plans locally in the Hudson Valley. The new high-tech manufacturing space and equipment allows us to develop and build precision coating machine platforms of much larger size and complexity,” Steve Harshbarger, President of Sono-Tek said. “As well, the equipment investments made for the business development program allow for several outsourced manufacturing operations to be brought in house to our Milton, NY facility. This has resulted in growing our knowledge base workforce, adding engineers, precision machinists and technicians.” 

Sono-Tek has been a leader in developing and manufacturing of ultrasonic coating systems serving the energy, medical, and semiconductor industry for 45 years. Through its $555,000 investment, the company completed facility expansions, warehouse and office space renovations and purchased high-tech manufacturing equipment that will enable their continued growth in the Mid-Hudson Valley.  As an essential business, Sono-Tek continued operating and manufacturing ultra-coating systems used in the development and testing of disinfectant spray systems supporting the COVID-19 response.

 “The current economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant rise in unemployment and affected local industries. This underscores the importance of supporting projects that increase regional manufacturing capacity and create well-paying permanent jobs that help sustain our economy,” said Anthony Campagiorni, Vice President of Customers Services & Gas Operations at Central Hudson. “We are proud to support Sono-Tek as they expand their capabilities to support high-tech manufacturing.” 

For nearly two decades, Central Hudson’s economic development programs have contributed to the creation and retention of local jobs, and helped to attract new businesses and industries throughout our region. For more information on Central Hudson’s Economic Development programs, visit www.CentralHudson.com/EconomicDevelopment.

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Sono-Tek, a high-tech manufacturer located in Milton, Ulster County, was awarded a $100,000 Central Hudson Economic Development Grant to assist in their expansion plans and help create and retain 78 local jobs.  Below, a technician operates a laser welder. At bottom is the glass line build equipment.