Supporting Clean Energy Goals

EV Programs

  • Gasoline and diesel vehicles contribute one-third of greenhouse gas emissions in New York State
  • Central Hudson is partnering with New York to build out a better infrastructure of charging stations as we work to electrify the state’s transportation by adding 3,200 EV chargers in the service area by 2025.
  • Incentives will help businesses reduce the cost of installing EV chargers for fleet vehicles and will allow developers to install more chargers for the public.

Clean Heat Programs & Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficiency measures are the most cost-effective way to manage energy use and protect the environment. Central Hudson offers a full selection of products and programs for households and businesses to the help their bottom line and the environment.
  • Heat pump technologies provide efficient heating and cooling to homes and businesses when compared to oil and propane.


Grid Modernization/Interconnectivity for Renewable Energy Sources

Central Hudson’s service territory is among the most active on a per-capita basis with more than 9,000 solar installations by residents and businesses. This level of interconnectivity requires a modern grid that makes use of the latest technologies.

These technologies enable the interconnection of every-expanding renewable energy systems, such as solar and battery storage, by providing enhanced management of the local energy grid to allow for two-way power flows and variable power generation from distributed resources.

Central Hudson is also upgrading transmission and distribution line capacity to enable wide-spread electrification of New York’s and the region’s economy, such as electric heating technologies and electric vehicles, to reduce statewide emissions.