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Bulk Energy Storage RFP 2021

Central Hudson is seeking bids for scheduling and dispatch rights for bulk-connected energy storage systems that will be operational by Dec. 31, 2025.  Central Hudson is providing the following draft materials for this RFP for prospective bidder comments and questions.  The full list of RFP documents can be found in the links below.

Please email your comments and questions to no later than Monday, September 13, 2021 at 5 PM EPT.  Central Hudson will send a reply email to the bidder to verify receipt of question/commentary submittal within two business days after receiving such email.  Responses to questions and comments will be posted to this website below prior to the posting of final RFP and contract documents on October 4, 2021.



CHGE is administering this RFP to meet the requirements of Case 18-E-0130, In the Matter of Energy Storage Deployment Program (“Storage Order”) and the Order Directing Modifications to Energy Storage Solicitations (“Storage Order Modifications”); combined, the “Storage Orders”. In its decision, the New York State Public Service Commission (“Commission”) ordered all New York utilities to procure a total of at least 10 MW of energy storage dispatch rights Agreements for up to a 10-year period, including CHGE, so long as awarded Offers do not exceed a Utility-Defined Procurement Ceiling. The Project(s) must be operational by December 31, 2025 and are eligible for a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (“NYSERDA”) Incentive. 

Definitions for capitalized terms can be found in Exhibit A of the CHGE Agreement.

Unless stated otherwise, any references to Articles, Sections or Appendices are to Articles, Sections, or Appendices contained in these RFP Instructions.

All clock times specified throughout these RFP instructions are in Eastern Prevailing Time (EPT).


2021 bid documents

Document Status
Bulk Storage RFP Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix A Qualification Questionnaire Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix B Offer Form Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix C1 Site Control Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix C2 Interconnection Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix C3 Technical Information Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix C4 Permit Schedule Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix C5 Financial and Credit Info Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix C6 Bidder Checklist Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix C7 Bidding Team Info Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix D1 Energy Storage Services Agreement Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix D2 Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreement Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix D3 Proposed Changes to Energy Storage Services Agreement Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix E Preferred Locations Posted 8/23/2021
Appendix F NYSERDA Sample Agreement for Utility Dispatch Projects

Posted 8/23/2021

Final document will be
posted at a later date

Appendix G Contractor Listing Posted 8/23/2021


Questions & answers

Please use the Bulk Storage RFP Comments Form below (in Word format) for posing questions/comments by section.  The Central Hudson Energy Storage Industry Question Responses PDF will be updated regularly to include feedback received as well as any Central Hudson response to specific RFP clarifications. However, to the extent there are any discrepancies between the RFP or appendices posted above and the RFP questions & answers posted below, then the RFP and appendices supersede and govern.


Document Status
Bulk Storage RFP Documents Comment Form - 2021 Posted 8/23/2021
Central Hudson Energy Storage Industry Question Responses - 2021

To be updated as Central Hudson
receives questions and provides response