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Virtual Hold Eases Waiting During Calls
No need to remain on hold – now customers can choose to be called back instead of remaining on the line. Virtual Hold, a telephone software system installed in Central Hudson’s call center, allows callers to resume their normal activities while waiting to speak to a Central Hudson Customer Service Representative.

Calls are answered through an automated system, known as Virtual Hold, which informs the caller of the expected wait time and asks if they would prefer to remain on hold or have their call returned without losing their place in line. Callers can choose to be called back at a certain hour or on a different day. Virtual Hold is available when the wait time is over two minutes, and between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Before the completion of the call, customers record the phone number for the returned call and their name. Using the recorded information, the service later dials the number, asks for the person who left the message, and connects the customer with the next available representative.

Virtual Hold is another way Central Hudson is using technology to improve customer service.

For Central Hudson billing inquiries, account connection or disconnection, payment arrangements and language interpreter services, call: 845-452-2700 or, for calls from outside the 845 area code only, 1-800-527-2714.