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If you are a Central Hudson customer, you may be eligible to install a generator and operate in parallel with Central Hudson’s electric grid. 

Apply for Interconnection on the Web
We recommend reviewing the material below if you have never submitted an Application for Interconnection to Central Hudson via the web. Please refer to the Forms section if you would like to print and mail an application or require any attachments for upload.

Online Information and Data Access
By entering the Central Hudson Account number provided to you by the customer, the below link enables installers to obtain online up-to-date information regarding customer usage and billing history. (The 10-digit utility account number must be entered without dashes.)

State and federal incentives exist for a variety of renewable energy sources. In addition, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) offers incentives to install grid-tied solar and wind generators.  Please visit their website for more information:

In order to receive funding through NYSERDA, you must use a NYSERDA-approved installer. A list of eligible solar and wind installers can also be found on NYSERDA’s website.

Service Classification
The size of your system and current service classification will determine your new service classification once your generator is interconnected.  Some customers may qualify for net metering or remote net metering. If you do not qualify for net metering, please see our electric rate tariffs (leaf 228 for service classification 10 and leaf 272 for service classification 14) for more information.

Application Process
Generators less than 2MW in size:
Generators less than 2MW in size are subject to the New York State Standardized Interconnection Requirements. Please read through the New York State Standardized Interconnection Requirements to become familiar with the interconnection process. To interconnect your generator with Central Hudson, you must complete the required application and supporting documentation and submit to Central Hudson:

  • Web-based Application and Status – This is available for applications for installations less than 25kW in size. Applications for installations greater than 25kW in size may be submitted via the web, but additional documentation and status information may be required to be submitted
    via mail
  • Mail-based Application – Please visit our “Forms” section for the application form, contract, and mailing address.and forward it to Central Hudson for review and approval.

For a list of required supporting documentation, please refer to the Application Process Steps Section of the New York State Standardized Interconnection Requirements. Applications cannot be reviewed for approval until a complete application package is received.

Your application will be approved if your generator interconnection meets New York State Standardized Interconnection Requirements and does not have an adverse impact on other electric utility customers. We also recommend that you use Type Tested and Approved Equipment to facilitate the process and ensure that you meet safety requirements.

Once you are approved for interconnection, you may proceed with construction of your system. Upon completion, you must provide Central Hudson with proof of electrical inspection and schedule an interconnection test with Central Hudson.

Generators greater than 2MW in size:
Generators greater than 2MW in size are subject to Central Hudson’s Interconnection Requirements, as well as additional state and federal procedures, where applicable. Please refer to the following procedural and technical requirements for additional information:

New York State Public Service Commission:
The following is a link to the New York State Public Service Commission’s website on the Standardized Interconnection Requirements:

» Green Power
Explore our Green Power, SavingsCentral and Environment and Sustainability sections for more information on other renewable energy programs that are currently offered in New York State.

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